Senior Pictures - Congrats to the Grad!

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

#SeniorPictures the way they should be- modern, stylish and fun!

When I sit down for a senior portrait consultation, the number one question I get is, "what should I wear?"  This is actually a difficult question, because the answer is different for everyone.  My next question for you is, "what do you usually wear?"

Senior portraits are all about YOU.  They are supposed to highlight your personality, interests, and style at this point in your life.  That being said, there are some tips and tricks that can help you look your best.

Neutrals are classic! (Accessories are FUN!)

You are going to be looking at these photos for years to come.  Incorporating your own sense of fashion is important, but having something that you aren't going to regret is important as well.

Neutral colors always photograph well.  Beige, ivory, grey, rose, brown, black, blue, burgundy & olive allow the attention to go back to where it is supposed to be - on you.

To add in color and coordinate with the background, bring lots of colorful and fun accessories that we can play with!  Things like your favorite hat, a bright scarf, a bold necklace or earrings, and more can be mixed and matched to get a variety, without having to change constantly. 

Avoid busy patterns and stripes.

A very busy or colorful pattern can draw the eye in a photo.  Patterns are fine, but try to stick to something that is neutral in color, or a subtle pattern that won't draw attention.  To get the look of a pattern, you can always mix and match textures and layers to create interest in your outfit (think chunky knits, lace, crochet, scarves, vests, etc).

Dress to impress!

These are once in a lifetime images.  You're not going to have another senior portrait session.  In all my senior sessions, you can have unlimited outfit changes.  My suggestion is that one outfit is more formal.  Go big!  A formal gown, or a suit, can definitely make an impression (at least for one or two shots).  Many of my seniors choose to do night shots.  A formal outfit is perfect for those - it adds a little extra glam.

Don't forget about your shoes.

Many people spend so much time thinking about their outfit, they forget about the shoes!  Your shoes will be in some of the images, so make sure you have clean shoes that are camera ready.  If you do choose to have outfit changes, make sure the shoes you bring match all the outfits, or that you bring more than one pair. 

Girls - heels photograph very well, but we do a lot of walking during your shoot.  If you're planning on wearing heels, bring a pair of comfy walking shoes that are easy to slip on and off so that you're comfortable while walking between locations.

Be comfortable.

This is probably the most important one.  DON'T go shopping and pick something you're not sure about. If you look in the mirror, and you don't think it works for you, don't bring it.  These photos are about capturing you.  You should feel relaxed and comfortable in what you chose to wear (especially since you'll be sitting on the ground, climbing on things, jumping, and more during your shoot!).

Last but not least!

Many people forget about What Items to Bring along....This is one I have seen so often! If you have your Cap & Gown, bring it (Don't forget the tassel)! Any growing up photographs (Baby Photos) to do a then and now pictures. (Parents and Grandparents really love these.) Any props, things that you are interested in like a musical instrument, sports equipment, uniforms, books, etc...anything that can show a little more of who you are, your personality.


Pinterest is a great tool to get ideas and inspiration.  You can even add me on a board and we can collaborate together. Together, we'll go over style ideas (boho, grunge, glam, classic, etc), and plan outfits and locations around that concept (or two, or three!).  The options are limitless.

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